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globalFEST’s flagship festival takes place each January and is one of North America’s most important global music events, attracting a large number of music industry professionals, members of the press and music fans. Following participation at gF, artists have gone on to tour North America at hundreds of theaters, events and festivals across the country and around the world. Tours and cultural exchanges, as well as features and articles, that result from participating at globalFEST have built an ever-widening audience for global music and, by extension, an increase in international cooperation and collaboration. We were able to expand that reach through a growing partnership with NPR Music’s Tiny Desk Concert series in 2021 and our first “Tiny Desk Meets globalFEST” series.

We are thrilled to be partnering with Tiny Desk again in 2022! Viewed more than one million times (and counting), the 2021 event was our biggest ever, gaining thousands of new fans for global sounds. 

For the January 2022 festival, we are currently planning a hybrid event, with streamed content as well as an in-person festival that adheres to CDC guidelines, with the health and safety of participants (artists, staff, and audiences) as our top priority. We acknowledge that, in this unprecedented time, things may change rapidly and we may have to shift plans.


Thank you to everyone who applied!


"Many musicians who cherish local and traditional styles have decided that the way to ensure their survival is through adaptation and hybridization, retaining the essence while modernizing the delivery system. For musicians, fusion is also fun: a chance to learn new skills, a way to discover creative connections. There are commonalities in the ways voices can croon or bite or break, in mechanisms like repetition or call-and-response, in wanting people to dance. Modernization doesn’t have to mean homogenization."

Read the review of globalFEST 2021 by Jon Pareles at The New York Times HERE.

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gf 2021 artists

Aditya Prakash
Aditya Prakash Ensemble | USA / India 

Dedicated Men
Dedicated Men of Zion | USA


globalFEST will present a series of awards that celebrate those that excel in the small but crucial global music field in the USA, too often with little recognition.